Which audience would fit perfectly with my idea?

When firstly thinking about my idea, I thought that whatever I choose to do, maybe doing it to a similar age range/group to myself would be the safest bet because I know what people my age like. This is why I decided that maybe a range of 15-25 year olds would be perfect for the Jurassic Coast. Below is a pie chart of how much consumers watch TV, spend on social networking and the internet as a whole. I looked at stats like these, mostly of which were formed by studies into children 0-8 years old but also at teens and adults to see how much time they spent looking at a screen when they could be outside. This spurred me on to want to try and create something interesting and technical to get them out of the house and into the fresh air while educating them and giving them their precious media devices.

This is when i started to come up against some road blocks as when I told my lecturer about who I aimed at, he told me to look into transport, parental permission and what rules I’d have to adhere to with kids under 18 coming down without adults. Looking into transport in itself, I probably would have to get a coach service of some sort to bring them all down to Weymouth which would be costly as I’d probably need more than one. I had to think about how I would overcome all of this and in the end I just had to change my audience demographic as it wasn’t working with the current one.

I looked into the main audience of ‘The National Trust ‘ and it turns out that they try and cater to everyone, like kids, adults and the elderly. They run nature walks for the older people, kids days out but nothing as a whole for families. This is where I thought my idea could go hand in hand with the fact the NT doesn’t massively cater to the family market and so we could both gain something from this.

What would I have to consider when looking at a family audience?

This could be any type of family, from having small kids to having older ones more in the demographic I tried to use at the beginning, 15-25. So this there up some challenges as being so close to water with young kids and very high cliffs, even with their parents there, is a safety hazard. The best way to tackle this is to get volunteers either through ‘The National Trust’ or from around Weymouth and get them to fence off just in front of where the sea comes in with some sort of tape and have people standing guard almost. The same would have to be said for the cliffs, but because the majority of my idea would take place on the sand behind the hill, this hopefully wouldn’t matter as much.

Toilets, parking and food/drink were other big factors I’d have to look at but these almost figured themselves out. There are numerous sites around Weymouth to park with not too long a walk to get to the beach, as you can see here:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 19.07.32

I will have food tents and stalls out who will serve drinks as well and for those adults that are not driving, I will try and get a special alcohol tent in. In North Berwick they had a Pimms tent that had free samples and you could buy pitchers of it to have there so I will do the same. Time of year is another big factor as a lot of parents work and cannot take their kids places unless its planned. I know that mine has to be in the summer, especially if I want to do a raft race as the sea needs to be warmer than it is in the winter for comfort reasons and for safety issues. Mid summer would be best as people tend to go on holiday straight after their kids break up and just before they go back to school so maybe July time, early August.


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