Feedback and Pitches

First Pitch

This was my first small presentation I did to a classmate to just explain what I was trying to do and how it would work. At this point, I’d thought a lot about the fun day idea and so my ideas were quite well formulated but still needed a lot of work. This is a sheet which we all filled out and gave to the other person as feedback on their ideas to help and give advice. This helped me to express my ideas more clearly and show how the day properly worked together in my next pitch and write it up on my blog. They understood the idea perfectly and didn’t need clarification so that means people hearing about the event can’t get confused. She addressed most of my key issues that I wanted to achieve, especially the nature based point which is the real reason this event is taking place. It helped me look at another idea to bring people to the coast as its written, ‘engage families in more history in technology’ and I’d already thought about the history aspect but did not think about explaining and aiding them in how technology works. It would help parents be more interactive with GPS systems, how contactless payment works and even as far as how Oculus rift works.

Jurassic coast brief


Second Pitch

This was the pitch we made to our peers and to our lecturer and really just cemented exactly what we were doing and showed how far we’d come with the project from the last presentation. There was some verbal feedback that was given and some advice on how to prototype the raft race but apart from that, the previous feedback sheet had helped me to get rid of any mistakes and organise my work more efficiently.

Jurassic Coast


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