The Raft Race App

I decided to mock up what my app would look like when people downloaded it to make their own raft. This first page is the welcome page and asks you to log in which basically helps differentiate between each team and let them have their own profile they can show their raft designs on. You’d first have to go to the website and register before you can try and log in on this app. As you can see, it’s a very simple app but has all the necessary elements to help them build a raft as you will see. The menu bar lets them move between pages very easily, so once logged in, they can go straight into building their raft.

welcome page and login

After logging in at the start, the app will show this screen and ask you to pick which ship to base your idea on and once picked, you can start to build. if at any stage you wanted to change the base of your raft, you just have to go onto the build page and click the bottom left button which allows you to add things to your raft and also, change the framework of the famous ship. There will be so many ships to choose from, but for design purposes, I have only put a few up here and can add more at any point up until the actual race.

famous ships

You can then go on to making the actual raft. I have got the skeleton of a ship here which is what you start off with and have to have at least some of in the design. You can change colours, add masts, rope and add text onto the side or on the sails. You can rotate it to see what it looks like as well as look at arial views. Again, the reason we give them a base of a ship is to help them but at the same time, give them an idea of what the ship they chose looked like. I purposefully didn’t give the famous ship options any thumbnails so that they’d have to go away and look up the ships to see what they looked like in style and size.

building the ship

This is the video page which has content on it from raft races all around the world and from North Berwick where I got my idea from in the first place, to show the people taking part exactly what they’re going to be doing. It’s a fun and interesting way to show them how the day will pan out and give them something to watch and look forward to when making their rafts.

video page

Lastly, this is the photo page where once they’ve made their raft, they can upload it to the website for the Jurassic Coast fun day and it will come up under their login name so everyone will know whose it is. You can also share your ideas through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and show everyone what you’ve made. Teams can do as many designs as they want and upload them all and then pick one they actually want to make.

picture page

These are obviously prototypes of the app and won’t be the finished product. I wanted to show the ease of access to build something however and you can see that a child could use this or even an adult who isn’t brilliant with technology. This is just a fun little add on and can be a social thing to do as everyone in a team could make a raft and between them, they choose the best and thats why I feel this app is simple, original and fun.

The Archaeological Dig

I mocked up a poster using a picture from the Jurassic Coastlines cliff collapsing with the words ‘Dino Dig’ over the top. This is a logo I found on the internet that I took into photoshop and tweaked with but in reality, I will be making my own logo like this for this activity. I didn’t want to give too much away with the poster for the activity as I wanted kids to turn up not really knowing what to expect. I added the ‘National Trust’ logo at the bottom to show who this poster was affiliated with as ‘The National Trust’ is a well liked brand that that will rub off hopefully on the fun day and this activity.

archaelogcal dig poster


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