The Trip to the Jurassic Coast…

On Friday 18th October 2013, the whole of DMD went down to the Jurassic Coast to research into our ideas, the locations and what each of them had to offer in terms of how they’d benefit our media artefacts. We visited places like Bridport, Weymouth, Chesil Beach and Portland. In each of these locations, I looked around for shops or areas that I could use or include in my media artefact. I already had an idea of doing a sort of ‘fun day’ and so with that in mind, I took pictures and made notes on various places in Weymouth. I chose Weymouth because it had a great beach which was to be the central hub of my fun day and the surrounding areas for my other different activities. Here’s a few of the images I took:


This is the view of Weymouth’s cliffs in which I’m hoping to have some form of archaeological dig.


This picture is to represent where I’m going to have the raft race, one of the main activities, set up and run from.


This is a birds-eye view of where I want everything to be. The flat piece of land behind the hill will probably be where the tents and what not are laid out.


This is the golf course on the top of the cliffs that I will use as my orienteering activity as well as other areas around it.


This is the long hill down to the beach and shows the sites of where I want my activity day to run from and can serve as where orienteer’s will be going.


The harbour may be the finishing line of the raft race.

What company would I try and work with to further my project?

After taking all these pictures and looking into the rich history of the coast, we then had to look at local companies that matched the goals we wanted to achieve with our desired media product. I looked at companies like ‘The National Trust’, and ‘The Landmark Trust’ to see whether their ideas and beliefs were similar to that of my project and determined that ‘The National Trust’ outmatched the ‘The Landmark Trust’ as they covered history and nature all in one.


‘We protect historic houses, gardens, mills, coastline, forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, nature reserves, villages and pubs. Then we open them up for ever, for everyone.’

 This is on their website and really captures the essence of what we’re trying to do at the Jurassic Coast. We want to bring new people to these places and show them the history and beauty they have to offer so they can be cherished and saved for future generations to enjoy. The trust is already running fun days for kids who are part of my audience in Sizergh, Cumbria where they have set up a camp for kids to visit and to teach them bushcraft and woodworking skills. These kinds of events are what I want to put on but with a media twist and it’s starting with the Jurassic Coast but doesn’t have to end there; I could do this all around the country.

 Where could I gain inspiration from?

Every year I go up and visit North Berwick in Scotland and at the end of August, they have a raft race which is based in the sea and there’s a certain course they must take. A day is made out of it with alcohol tents, bouncy castles, stands selling food, clothes, jewellery and a big hog roast. This attracts everyone from the villages surrounding NB, especially families. When faced with what to do, I couldn’t get this kind of activity day idea out of my head and so I had to then think about how to make it digital.

Other ideas I had at the start was just a basic app which gave you information on the jurassic coast with different kind of games specific to each location you click on an interactive map. The problem with this is that I though it was kind of boring and it didn’t have a key audience I could define straight away and so had to go back to the drawing board. I was tempted to try and revolve my whole idea around Oclus Rift but seeing as that technology isn’t massively out there and tested enough, I thought it may be too risky.

Oculus Rift

Oculus rift is a brand new concept to me and only through looking online and from word of mouth was it bought to my attention. I knew I wanted to have some sort of video game type technology in the fun day and seeing as its not widely available, it would be even better if I could gain a set or two for people to play with. I decided to look into Oculs rift and see what it actually was…

I came across the website for the 3D gaming headset and found a lot of interesting material such as a man named James Blaha saying 3D gaming could improve eyesight and not destroy it like a lot of parents and member of the public tell children. It was a start up business, a kickstarter and for people to input $2.4 million into it, it must be a brilliant technology and at that point, I thought it would be perfect for my fun day.

Events in Weymouth

I knew if Weymouth already had events that were popular, my idea would work as there is nothing so digital or tech savvy event wise they have down there. Just in case however, I decided to see what Weymouth had to offer in terms of events and they consisted of Carnivals, seafood festivals and the beach MotoX. These are great events but they don’t include anything I do and from this I could then elaborate on my idea and not worry about taking anyone else’s. These events really put Weymouth and surrounding areas on the map (obviously including the Jurassic Coast as a whole) and so I know that my event will be well publicised and people will turn up.


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